Photo by Josh Felise on Unsplash

Please, forgive my grey iris

I got caught up in my old hubris

Blame the impostor from above

But my colors aren’t static, love

You switch them on with a smile

And I haven’t seen you in a while

Now there’s limbo in my eyes

Black clouds in my skies

My mirror only shows the rearview

Where thoughts of me and you

Are closer than they appear

You’re not here, but still near

No amount of whiskey or beer

Seems to make you disappear

After nights of one too many sips

I got lost in a few pairs of lips

Looking for yours

Opening doors

That led nowhere

Now my heart’s everywhere

Sailing on blue oceans

Away from painful questions

Fly fishing at night without a care

Catching and releasing after a share

I’ve been running on E for weeks

My motor leaks, gasoline reeks

I’m going to start a fire

And start over

Because I’m in love with the world

Not only with you girl

I’m in love with this whole world

You can feel it my words

I know you know it

You’ve seen it

On clear sunny days

When my eyes open their blue gates

To show how vibrant my soul is

How hungry my heart is

And how solid my guts are

So wherever you are, however far

I’m sending you what’s left of my love

And when you stop seeing the mourning dove

When the letters stop coming

You’ll know I’ve stopped looking

In my cracked rearview mirror

Where we look so damn beautiful