Me, circa 2013

From 2012 to 2015, I wrote actively on a personal blog.

It was called backtothefeather, and featured poems, essays, and short stories.

I published a little under 200 posts, in English & French.

My emotional struggles were more intense back then. I published raw, intimate stories. At 25, I became self-conscious and closed up shop. Today, at 29, I'm more confident and have integrated that period of my life into my own narrative. I still write, albeit in a more professional setting.

Many posts I've written on backtothefeather I don't like anymore. But a few still make me proud.

Here's my thought process:

Had I followed my teenage dream of becoming a rapper (😁), and released angsty tracks all over the Internet, they'd still be there. As an artist, I would have had to embrace that public, early work, and keep publishing new material.

Clearly, I'm not a rapper. But I'm still a writer! I still create, be it for our business, or fun. So why not give that old blog a shine, re-release it, and embrace it. I want it to be a polished snapshot of that period in my life.

I have thus hand-picked my 100 favourite posts (sparing you the extra bad ones) and re-organized them into a remastered version of backtothefeather.

I won't be publishing any new content on this blog. Consider this a neatly organized creative archive.

Here's hoping my younger self's writings amuse, move, or entertain you.