Photo by Ryan Holloway on Unsplash

My eyes hurt from the smoke and the tears

My head hurts from the laughs and the beers

I have yet to learn how to enjoy my status

As If I can’t picture an I without the us


As if alone necessarily meant lonely

As if we desperately needed somebody

Well, maybe

But then again, maybe not

Maybe we’ve been handed the wrong script, the wrong plot

Maybe that’s just where the director wants his actors

Maybe someone, somewhere, made an error

One might just be enough to be whole

Will we dare to rewrite our role?

Being a half shouldn't be our whole goal

Especially if love’s taking its toll

It shouldn’t be, trust me

All it should really do is set you free

So if you feel trapped, in a cage

If your hope got beaten by your rage

I hope, years from now, I won’t find you engaged

For the love you had craved

Might be your loss

And the promises you had made

Might become your very own cross