Photo by Edi Libedinsky on Unsplash

There you are, enjoying your drink

Here I am, trying not to think

About life and my many different selves

Trying not to stare at those bottles on the shelves

They keep smiling at me from a distance

The whole room's already in a trance

All they're asking for is a chance

One more dance

One shot to shoot my black bird

One pint to pierce the absurd

To flow into hours of freedom

To forget the days of boredom

And laugh through the nights

Or bleed through the fights

To do once again everything I used to do

Trying to escape the thoughts of you

To drink every ounce I used to drink

Until I could see the colour of my pain in the sink

To empty every bottle I used to open

Until the blur erased every question

To reach divine slumber

Just to wake up in hell the morning after

To believe I'll live forever

Until I got sober

Such is the offer

Of the bottle of brown liquor

Bittersweet is the promise

Of man's favourite mistress

Sour is the prose

Of the man who's had no dose

For days and weeks and months

Restless he hunts

Bloody beasts, food for his thoughts

As his thirst fades away

Into three little dots...