Photo by Abdullah Ahmad on Unsplash

Nothing ever really dies, it is a full circle

A wheel where all flows, disasters and miracles

And in the violent storm of years passing by

I am the blood vessel in the opened eye

I am the one begging you to put down the knife

The monkey climbing up the tree of life

I am the red candle in the dark valley

The warm black jacket in the cold alley

I am the restless burier of regrets

And in the long shadow that stretches

I am the enemy of death

I am the friendly wink in a face full of tears

The bubble of joy hidden in your beers

I came here to fight your fears

Another voice whispering in the world’s deafening ears

I am the killer of shame

The fire burning underneath the ashes of pain

I am the suicide son

The phoenix smiling in the rising sun

I am hope