Photo by Aperture Vintage on Unsplash

Last night I sat at the edge of the world

And I looked in silence at the hands of time

They were playing with life

Creating and destroying all of the things we know

While History followed obediently

I saw them shape empires just to watch them fall

And before their terrible power

I couldn’t help but tremble with fear

Because I knew

They could do whatever they wanted

And I knew

None of us could do a thing to stop them

So alone I cried for all of us

As I saw our poor souls yearning

While the hands threw them all over the place

I saw lovers grow and go

I saw families form and dissolve

I saw whole civilisations, swept away

I saw myself

Young and bold

Then I saw myself again

Grey and old

Before long I couldn’t see myself anymore

So I jumped from the edge of the world

And I landed in your bed, waking next to you

At that moment, I thanked the universe

I thanked it for making sure our paths crossed

At least for a while

I thanked it for your love, your eyes

And your smile

Next time I go sit at the edge of the world

I’m bringing you with me

So you can hold my hand

And together, we can watch the hands of time

While they play

And play

And play