Photo by John Moeses Bauan on Unsplash

  1. Living room - lovers - evening - interior

ME: Turn off the TV. I don't want to see the big headlines anymore. We've got everything we need right here, right now; we've got a thousand little things. Call me a fool, but I believe it's all we need.

1.1 Small suburban town - lovers - evening - exterior

ME: The warm softness of an old hoodie on a cool summer night. The evening breeze making love to your dancing hair. Your delicate hand in mine. A smile revealing your perfect teeth, shining under suburban lampposts. The damaged streets where we drank, smoked, kissed, laughed and cried so many times. Look around, we can still see the scattered feathers of the angel wings we tore apart when we were crazy teenagers. But it's alright, our fallen tears have dried on this road a long time ago. Look at us now: laughing hand in hand on top of all those wild years, eating the same candies you loved so much when you were sixteen. We're together; we've always said that nothing else mattered. I remember.

Our love is an ever burning cigarette, and I will gladly let it kill me.