Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash

You and I, we could be many things. Travelers, professionals, adults, fools, lovers, wanderers, believers, non-believers, rebels, prisoners. We could be one thing in the bright morning light, and another under the pale moonlight. But right now I don’t care about all that, not at all. I care about two things: your heart, and mine. I care about the awesome music they make when they get together. The drumming symphony of here and now. Know this: I am totally overwhelmed by the soft sound our lips create when they meet. And this: I lose my balance every time you look into my eyes for more than a second or two. Fuck it, add this to the list: every single minute I spend laughing, talking or walking with you makes this wild ride even more worthwhile than it already is. I wrote this so we could remember this feeling. Because there’s no way I’d let this moment die. Girl, on that night, there was nothing purer, more ecstatic than the two souls that were dancing inside our wet, tired bodies. I wrote this because I haven’t felt that way in a very long time. I wrote this because while I was lying naked next to you, I felt love coursing through my whole body.

I wrote this with my heart, so please read it with yours.