Photo by Sime Basioli on Unsplash

I’ll make you cry

I’m sorry but you ought to know

That if you give us your go

You’ll suffer through a painful show

Just thought I’d let you know

I’ll make you cry

You’ll give me your heart

And ask me to play my part

I’ll juggle with it at the start

Hang it on a wall, then play darts

I’ll make you cry

You’ll ask honest questions

And I won’t be able to answer

You’ll despise the situation

And wonder how you got in that position

I’ll make you cry

You’ll tell me words you feel

Cook me love-filled meals

And I won’t know how to deal

With something so real

I’ll make you cry

I’ll leave and return

We’ll hurt and we’ll burn

I’ll quit and come back

We’ll repel and attract

I’ll make you cry

I can’t ask you to stay

But there’s something I must say

If you give me enough time

You’ll witness a change in my rhymes

I’ll make you cry

But slowly I’ll realize

Looking through your wet eyes

That I’ve won hell of a prize

And that you don’t deserve the lies

I’ll make you cry

I’ll take your heart off the wall

And put it in a safe box down the hall

We’ll listen to Bob's ''Three Little Birds''

And I’ll tell you three simple words

I’ll make you cry

One day you’ll turn and see

Me waiting on my knees

I’ll ask you one question

A proposal for my redemption

I’ll make you cry