Photo by Yannick Menard on Unsplash

My brother thank you

I know there were dark times

When no lights shone in my eyes

But yours never faded

Through the mist I was always guided

By that unique peace of yours

Supported by that solid bond of ours

My brother thank you

I know there were somber days

When my heart was ablaze

And yours was in tears

Too many times I surrendered to fears

But look at us now will you?

Our four eyes stayed blue

My brother thank you

Heaven knows how fake this life sometimes feel

But you gave me the definition of real

In the crazy, noisy trenches

You gave me golden silences

You taught me the art of listening

In a world where everyone keeps shouting

My brother thank you

From the very start I knew

That I could always lean on you

In laughter or pain

I could always call your name

You stood by me no matter what

And I will never forget that