Photo by Daniel Hansen on Unsplash

Caulfield couldn't catch me through the rye

Old Holden missed, left me hanging on the cliff to drop and die

But I can't let go, can't let myself grow

Cause I already know about the sorrows waiting on the road below

I've seen the red and the black ahead

And I'm afraid the nightmares that haunt my head

Will escape, and I won't be able to outrun them

Boy, I see dozens of angels falling to a sad anthem

With their broken wings flapping in vain

I see The Man below, patiently waiting in his train

Ready to lead us nowhere at all in his well-oiled machine

Using our goddamn souls as gasoline

Selling us empty promises of happily ever after

While we grow numb to the kids' laughter

But I don't want to go out without a fight

Holden, why won't you throw me some dynamite?

Don't ask, you already know what I'm going to do

I'm going to blow up a wagon or two

Let The Man know what's up before my time's up

And when you hear the bang, promise me you'll raise your cup

Tell them I couldn't be bought, couldn't pay the cost

Tell them I did it for all the glory we've lost