Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

There’s a soft, soothing electric feel when you put your body close to mine. Have you noticed? I love this feeling, it makes me feel alive and well, and happy sometimes too. The kind of happiness that doesn’t need a smile, or some bright eyes or some laughter. Just a silent, calm happiness that you feel without thinking too much about it. A peace of minds, bodies and souls. With the weight of your head on my shoulder I forget about the weight of the world. It holds me down to earth and keeps me grounded in the here and now, and I need this so much, you have no idea. Or maybe you do. Maybe that’s why you let your fingers glide over each of the stories inked on my skin just before I go to sleep. The stories that you love whether they were sad or painful or messed up or good. You love them because they made me who I am today. And today I am here and now, next to you, with you, loving every passing second of that electric feel. They say you live for the moments that take your breath away, and maybe they’re right. But right now my breath is deep and peaceful, and it’s yours, it’s right there next to me. Most of the times, I find myself living for these moments. The minutes of marvel and the seconds of serenity. The time of our lives. Come on kiss me, we’re the closest we’ll ever be t(w)o eternity.