Photo by Matthijs Smit on Unsplash

The drums are close behind

I can hear their booming in my mind

In the darkness, I hate every sleepless hour

Year after year, it gets louder and louder

Boom, boom

Sometimes I picture a cruel player

Smashing stretched skins with otherworldly power

Licking his lips before he swallows us whole

A myriad of souls lost in a dark fishbowl

Feeding the universe's unrelenting hunger

Oh, the horror

Oh, why bother

Brother, will you pour me a glass?

Let's just talk about a girl's ass

Or about our bittersweet past

Let's sit and drink and laugh

And have a smoke while time passes

Tomorrow we'll kill our masters

We'll live the freedom of the dying creatures

We'll sing and love and dance

We'll stop believing in second chances

And create our very own romances

Brothers and sisters, feel the drums

I want to hear the whole world hum

I want to be the smiling surviving son

Right here, burning under a red hot sun

I want to forget about the promises from above

And dance amongst the ones crazy enough to love