Photo by Isai Ramos on Unsplash

There's a part of me that's so tired of fighting the good fight

Sometimes I just get mad at this beautiful struggle

The struggle is ugly on dark days, only ugly, oh ugly as can be

Anger blinds me and I can't see the beauty of pain, the lessons hidden within mistakes and heartbreaks

Sometimes the bad guy wins and reigns with his carelessness and his faithlessness

And all I see is the triumph of the pornstars

The saliva of the businessmen

The blood of the murdered soldiers

The bullets marked with the word peace

The divorces

The lies that strangle the trust

The disillusioned children

The shiny bottles full of liquor

The sad smile of the bartender

The cocaine in the stripper's stride

The boredom killing the working man

The dead bird flying into a broken sky.


Dark days will end, and I will again draw a smile with my pen

Dark days will come back, and the devil will once again

Glue himself to my back

Trying me, hurting me, humiliating me

In his desperate attempt to kill my hope

But he will fail like he always does

My hope just won't die

My hope has a heart of steel