Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

I guess the day you accept you’re crazy is the day you find peace. Nothing else matters, that kind of shit. Everybody’s crazy, you know. Some are just way better at hiding it than others. If I had one advice to give to everyone I love and everyone I hate, I guess it would be to embrace your craziness. That way I’d love you more or hate you more, but at least there would be more of the intense stuff for all of us. Life can get so fucking boring; we need more of the craziness. We need something pure, raw, unaltered. Because we get so much of the other stuff, the artificial, processed, generic stuff. I want to hear a clear yell through the dull chatter of this post-modern life. Somebody please scream on top of your lungs, anybody, please. Let me hear your craziness, let me hear what life should really sound like. I wanna love the crazy people, the tasty people, the ones with the bright eyes and the burning souls. I said it once, and I’ll say it again: we’re only here to burn as bright as we can, for as long as we can. So let’s do it, let’s burn through life together. Through the craziness, the pain, the years, the smiles and the tears. I wanna feel the joyful heat of our fires on my face. I wanna feel something real, anything. So hit me with the real, go ahead. Hit me hard, then dance me down easy. Ah, let’s dance, shall we? Let’s put on some old records and dance our asses off until our feet hurt. Forget about the club-pop bullshit: put on some Sam Cooke, some Irma Thomas, some god damned soul. Something we can feel for real for Heaven’s sake! Come on, let’s listen to Son of a Preacher Man and bust some Uma Thurman dance moves as we laugh through the night. Do drugs if you feel like doing drugs: I’m good, I’m high off life right now. Get in there, and drop the mask for once. I wanna see your truly beautiful, crazy faces.