Photo by Anastasia Dulgier on Unsplash

It isn’t really knowledge we crave

When we surf the electronic, infinite wave

We want to show, but we say share

We’ll say anything, anywhere

Even if there’s no one there

Who cares?

As blogs become new bibles

New cults and religions spread

We believe in the three mighty W’s

And trust every handheld device we use

Come join the iLegion

Steve’s bright white religion

We’re so infatuated, so connected

We don’t love, we like

We don’t call, we Skype

We don’t talk, we chat

How in the hell did it come to that?

A hundred and forty characters or less?

What a mess

We’re fiends for that white and blue

Posting every single thing we do

We’re high off that Instagram

Hanging out with friends, on the webcam

We’re hypnotized by the high resolution

A new definition for addiction

We all play the new social game

What a shame

And I say we meaning I do too

I just feel like we’re missing some real, some true

Yes, I posted this on a blog, saved it on my Dropbox

You know I love a paradox